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Our Outlook: Solve Clean Energy Together

구술이 서 말이라도 꿰어야 보배다 

This ancient Korean proverb says to us that  “A pile of gemstones shines 

only when they are in the right place and interlaced.”  This can mean that we each shine when we are connected to each other for the right purpose 

at the right time. 

"We seem to live in an age of abundance, yet many suffer lack of clean water and basic food, and access to energy to support their daily lives. 

The population of the world gets urbanized at an increasing speed while greenhouse gases and air quality get worse every day.  Amid all these calamities and sorrows, we are exploring sustainable, climate change ready solutions that exist right now, and we are bringing those solutions to market.

Technology advances exponentially for better and for worse. We all need to balance our actions together for a single purpose to make our world a better place to live. This is what inspires me to start and run this business in the most positive way possible.  Thank you for visiting, please get in touch. I look forward to speaking with you." 

Harry Ha



Our Commitment: Collaborative Solutions

Who We Are:  People who come together; who are futurists, visionaries, scientists, engineers, investors and researchers; who are breaking down barriers to communication and establishing platforms to develop and go to market with smart technologies that mitigate current climate change issues. 

What We Do:  Take the initiative in the areas of Strategic Consulting, Stakeholder Collaboration, Project Planning, Solutions Application on a broad range of Climate Change related issues, seeking the broadest possible connections to solve humanity’s challenges, and to formulate deliverables that utilize emerging advanced technologies.  

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