Greening Deserts

We tend to overlook desertification as a climate change consequence. New technologies and land management schemes can hand-in-hand fight back global desertification.   

Gasification Technology

New microwave gasification technology can convert existing coal-fired power plants to produce energy so clean that smokestacks are not required.  

Solar Generation Management

Improvements to manage, exploit and maximize outputs from photovoltaic solar power generation applications must be accelerated.   

Electric Energy Storage Systems

ESS system lifespans and output efficiencies are expandable with the application of new emerging technology.  

Hydrogen Storage Solutions

There may be no better power storage medium than hydrogen; time to open up the hydrogen age of energy capture. 

Organic Waste Transformation

All kinds of organic waste can be transformed into valuable resources to improve soil biological fertility to increase crop quality and yield. 

Lithium Extraction Technology

New lithium extraction technology is applicable to mining in seawater and salt lake brine.

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